Gilli Morris-Monk

Gilli Morris-Monk

Gilli trained originally as a drama and dance teacher in Devon where she was first introduced to crystals and meditation. She later trained as a beauty therapist, specialising in theatrical wigs and make-up.

Throughout her career in education and the theatre she found time to re-visit various spiritual activities. Her grandmother was a gifted card-reader and clairvoyant although the disapproval of her family led her to only use her gifts as a ‘party-piece’ for friends.

Following in her footsteps Gilli undertook a course in tarot and now reads Tarot and other divination cards. She has also been a healer for many years, incorporating her knowledge of crystals.

During her time working at ‘The Crystal Goddess’ in Chesham she qualified as a Magnified Healer (an energy healing similar to Reiki).

She also makes jewellery, many pieces including crystals, which are on sale at Laceys Yard along with crystals and other exciting gifts.

Gilli is an experienced facilitator of workshops including Dowsing, Angels, Crystals, Meditation/Visualisation and Tarot – all of which are available at Laceys Yard.

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