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Rachal Buller

Rachal Buller

I first tried acupuncture at the recommendation of a family friend almost twenty years ago. I began treatment a little sceptical, but it did in fact, profoundly improve my health, both physically and emotionally. Something I still never forget whenever I treat people today. In fact it had such an impact on me I decided to change my career and embark on a three and half year degree at the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, where I studied both TCM and Five Element styles of acupuncture.

I have helped patients with a broad range of conditions and symptoms including; pain management for bad backs and all joint related problems, sports injuries, digestive problems, neurological conditions, respiratory conditions, skin diseases and complaints, insomnia, emotional issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression and long term chronic conditions.

I work with all aspects of women's health including IVF, fertility, hormonal issues, menstrual problems, menopausal issues and throughout pregnancy, completing further training in these areas.

I am a fully qualified Facial Enhancement Acupuncturist, trained by Paul Adkins, one of the UK's leading Cosmetic Acupuncturists.

I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the UK's largest professional/self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture and a fully qualified Facial Enhancement Acupuncturist which allows me to practice Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.

Further Training

  • Trigger Points and Beyond – for sports and musculoskeletal conditions - Nicholas Garner
  • Electroacupuncture for musculoskeletal problems - Stephen Lee
  • Facial Enhancement Acupuncture – Paul Adkins
  • Skin Diseases and Conditions - Ken Lloyd
  • It takes two: understanding Female & Male Infertility - Jill Glover
  • IVF & Miscarriage - Jill Glover
  • Obstetric Acupuncture - Jill Glover
  • Maternity Acupuncture, pregnancy, labour and postpartum - Debra Betts
  • Anxiety UK Training – Anxiety UK & NICE
  • Chinese Medicine Dietary Advice - Danny Blythe
  • Guasha – Arya Nielsen
  • Moxa – Snow Wang

Research Studies

  • Anxiety UK approved Acupuncturist participating in the Acupuncture Research Pilot.
  • Arthritis UK research study on low back pain.

For more information or to book your first treatment, please call Rachal at Laceys Yard on Tel: 01494 771324.

Or go to www.rachalbulleracupuncture.co.uk


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