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Crystals and Crystal Jewellery

One of Earth's most beautiful resources, crystals, are found in the ground beneath our feet. For many thousands of years these have been mined and polished to wear as jewellery or for their hidden powers.

The ancients believed that the vibrations from the crystals were attuned to our bodies to help with healing as well as for protection from evil spirits and ill-wishers. Today many people still use crystals to aid well-being or assist in meditation.

At Laceys Yard there is an ever-growing selection of polished and natural crystals as well as 'Dragonfly Jewellery'; handmade pieces, often including polished crystals, with silver fastenings and components.

Himalayan Singing Bowls

We have a selection of Himalayan Singing Bowls, handmade or cast and hand-decorated, in a variety of sizes and metal mixtures. When gently gonged or stirred, the bowls start to vibrate and 'sing' and the mystical sounds instil a profound sense of peace.

Kate Miller, our supplier, works with a single family in Nepal from whom the bowls are sourced and has a good relationship with her suppliers, developed over many cups of tea.

You will also find tingshas - little cymbals, and bells and dorje, as well as beautifully decorated hangings. Come in and try the bowls for yourself, they must be experienced. Mostly you do not choose them, the right one for you will choose you!

Incense and Candles

We have a range of incense sticks, from Nag Champa to Frankincense and Myrrh and many scents in-between. We also have sage bundles for smudging and space clearing plus incense cones and holders for both. Our candles are all soy-wax and scented with essential oils.

Laceys Library

We have an extensive range of self-help, alternative health, spiritual and new age books plus oracle and Tarot cards available for borrowing from our Library. Membership is £10 (to cover lost and damaged items) and you can take out 2 items at a time for up to a month.