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Homeopathy is an holistic therapy which can be used for physical and emotional issues. Remedies are derived from a range of natural materials and are diluted to the minimum dose required to energise and stimulate the body’s own defence and self-healing systems.
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Uses a combination of relaxing pressure on the body, acupressure points and gentle joint manipulation to promote the free flow of Chi (energy) around the body. Shiatsu uses the philosophy and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the basis for treatment, and is received fully clothed lying on a futon mattress on the floor.
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Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Both deep and firm massage which can be applied to the whole body or specific areas. Other techniques are also applied to release tension in soft tissue. They can be used to relieve stress as well as improve the overall condition of muscles. Sports Massage can be particularly effective in preventing injury or supporting recovery from it.
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Traditional acupuncture is part of a spectrum of treatments of Chinese Medicine which also includes herbs, massage (tui na), exercise and diet. This ancient system of medicine dates back to over 2,000 years when the first Chinese texts were written.

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Seated Acupressure Massage

Is received fully clothed seated on a specifically designed chair. It eases tension and increases circulation in the upper back and neck, using a combination of massage, stretching and acupressure points to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, yet energised and alert.
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Therapeutic or Maternity Massage

Uses traditional massage techniques to relax and de-stress. This massage will iron out the creases and promote a sense of wellbeing. Maternity massage is a treatment adapted to take account of the changes that pregnancy brings.
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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can be an extremely effective therapy, it involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and scalp, with the client seated in an upright position. Circulation improves and toxins are dispersed.
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Reflexology is a non-intrusive, holistic therapy based on the idea that structures and organs of the body may be mapped onto corresponding points – or reflexes – on the hands and feet.  By applying pressure to those points, the reflexologist aims to restore balance to the body’s systems and promote better health.
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Anusha Reiki

The word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through all living things. Reiki is given with the client in a sitting or lying position, fully clothed. The practitioner lays hands on, or close to, energy centres of the body, working systematically through the chakras.
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Hopi Ear Candles

A mild, natural therapy used by the Native Americans. It can ease the symptoms of many conditions of the ear, nose and throat area and useful for people undertaking air travel. The candle is a hollow tube
made from cotton flax which is stiffened by impregnating the material with extract of honey and herb oils (usually chamomile, sage and St Johns wort).

Magnified Healing

Is a vibrational healing system, it can be used in a similar way to Reiki, to balance the Chakras and promote harmony within each individual.
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Alaskan Essence Consultation

Alaskan essences can be used on their own or in conjunction with other healing modalities to support or change emotional attitudes and ways of perceiving ourselves.
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An ancient form of Chinese exercises which promote energy flow and relaxation. It uses gentle movements and breathing as a form of moving meditation which opens joints, promotes flexibility and relaxes the mind, body and spirit..

Card Readings

Various card types and subjects can be utilised for a personal consultation.

Individual Aura Sprays

Based on specific requirements, these can be created without a formal consultation.


Various meditation opportunities are available as workshops. See events for details

Cancellation Policy

Clients who cancel appointments with less than 24 hours notice (and who do not re-book at that time) will be charged 50% of the treatment price.  Those who do not attend for appointments will be charged the full price of the treatment.